Top Healthcare Recruiter 2018

CareerLinkr has been moving in the direction that serves your business hiring needs best. Our recruiting and placement team are committed to assist you in finding qualified candidates to fill your positions

Sourcing Qualified candidates through skill-sets we identify as a team with you and our proprietary CareerLinkr+™ behavioral interview process is key.

We look to be an available hiring partner that is built on results not signatures on a dotted line. Our success is measured on your next call to source.


Why choose us

Healthcare Recruiting Services

Our Healthcare recruiters are experienced in the industry and take hold of our philosophy. Strong alignment in a candidate with the skills in the position and understanding of the organization are key to long term success.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are committed to providing superior customer service. Our commitment is more than words but we provide follow up surveys to our candidates to ensure our recruiters are providing our clients the service they deserve.

Straight Talk

We value your time and busy schedule. We communicate and circle back in the manner that works for your business. Our CEO gets the fact your schedule is busy.

Our mission

In 2008 the core team members of CareerLinkr recruiting services began filling hiring needs of a variety of companies in the Bay Area. Since that time the founders of CareerLinkr have continued to work toward an effected model for hiring great talent through practical application. Every year whether in Healthcare or Technology an effective interview process has evolved. CareerLinkr offers our recruitment services to your business to find the qualified candidates your company needs to grow. Get Hired Up – with a great company!

We learn from you through inquiry what you are looking for in a candidate.

  • We focus on qualified not quantity of candidates.
  • We save your valuable resources for later rounds of interviews.
  • We put your needs as the priority.
  • Compensation takes a backseat to developing relationships.
  • Committed to providing you great service.
  • Committed to working with you tomorrow as well.

Our experience

Healthcare Recruiting 87%
Business Services 73%
Technology Recruiting 70%
Committment to customer Satisfaction 101%

Looking for superior recruiting and talent acquisition?