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“If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them.”

Hiring by Jack Welch

“I hire people brighter than me and I get out of their way.”

Hiring by Lee Iacoca
CEO, Chrysler

As innovators of recruiting Careerlinkr utilizes many ways to sources qualified candidates for your open positions. We never loose sight of our customer and candidate needs. Bringing great companies and talent together is our focus, getting it right builds tomorrow.

If you are looking to break into the next level of your career we can help by reviewing where you are today with your work and educational history. You may have the qualifications the companies whom hire us are looking for. Upload your resume by clicking this link

Technology Industries we Support

Technology and Biotech

Whether you are looking to add team members to a start-up technology company or looking for unique skills. Our dedicated team will give you the information needed to begin a successful recruitment plan. You need results, we are result and customer satisfaction based.


Find great technology and biotech jobs at careerlinkr

Programmer Careers

Innovators need highly skilled programmers that can get from concept to action. Let us help you build a team to surround your startup company or add qualified candidates with skill-sets that you need. Our expanding reach will help identify candidates vs. the unending “I know this programmer”. Do you have the right team mix?


Find Programmer jobs at careerlinkr

Big Data Administrator jobs

End your search for qualified Database and Big Data Administrators. Skills in Oracle, sql and architecture can be sourced through us. Contact us as we have candidates interested in moving up in the ranks from the skills they have acquired.



Find database jobs at careerlinkr

Engineering jobs

Let us help you find skilled engineers that will help your business meet its project targets and deadlines. We can assist you in recruiting new engineers to your company. Electrical, mechanical and other fields are sought out at local universities.

Cyber Security & Networks

Cyber security and Networks are continuing to evolve at an accelerated pace. Finding talented programmers in this area is important for the stability of midsize business or larger to avoid events and secure proprietary data. Hospitals, banks, insurance companies are utilizing these skill-sets. Is your business prepared? Scale up. We can help

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The Recruitment Process

Our approach:

  • Provide your recruitment specialist
  • Identify the job description, inquire about other duties of position
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Source candidates from our processes
  • Identify the candidates through our proprietary process Careerlinkr+
  • Submit qualified candidates timely and communicate on the process as you want.

CareerLinkr+ Hiring ProcessTimeline to Candidates

  • Open position requirements
  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Presenting the Best Candidates

We make a point to get the details needed upfront to streamline the process of recruitment using our CareerLinkr+ model

Availability of Services

Traditional Candidate Search

We offer traditional covered candidate candidate search where we will send you the needed candidate information relative to the job position to be filled. All our candidates go through our CareerLinkr+ process prior to being submitted to you.

Yes we offer non technical recruiting to source strong candidates in their chosen field. This hybrid style of recruiting puts our resources behind your efforts at a reasonable cost.

These positions are typically for the person to run your small business while you are away and could range from any type of retailer to a small business office of various types.

Generally the rule of thumb is the position is one of responsibility and the salary or wage is at or below $50,000.00 a year.

  • Insurance office manager
  • Law office receptionist
  • Retail store manager (single store)
  • Not a mid management or regional position, licensed or bonded position

Service Provides:

  • Covered Candidate Sourcing (agreement completed)
  • Superior candidate sourcing at 5% + 249 for associated fees
  • Qualified candidates for your open position

Make use of our candidate sourcing and get forwarded complete candidate information and the top 2 candidates using our CareerLinkr+ screen process.


  • Make use of a recruiting Service to assist in your decision making process.
  • Management of inflow of resumes (link provided for, email and/or resume upload service for review of candidates)
  • Low cost and a great value for businesses with limited or no HR department.
  • Service for 30 days $349.00 no other fees. (limited Job board usage – local focus)
  • Up to 5 resumes/candidates sent to you for Interview.

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