International Healthcare Recruiting

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With over 20 years in healthcare and an extensive international reach we can assist you in recruiting top international talent in healthcare.

Healthcare staffing remains a challenge for many in areas in the US and UK.

Our Healthcare recruiters are based locally to assist applicants from Asia and India navigate the process of work visas, relocation and general settling into the candidates new role.

Our recruiters love what they do and work diligently to provide candidates that meet all the requirements for working in their prospective professional field.

As many healthcare organizations have learned over recent years is the licensing landscape is evolving for healthcare professionals. Recent changes with several states in the field of Nursing, namely California, has required closer scrutiny of educational transcripts related to the issue of concurrency.

At CareerLinkr, we walk into recruiting prepared so you as a prospective employer will have all the information you need to confidently bring the our talented healthcare professionals to your company. We also realize, these are big moves and changes for our the healthcare professionals entrusted to our service. We believe that the only way to create ongoing success amid so many changes in healthcare is to recruit the top talent from the top universities.

We review transcripts from each candidate, work history, volunteer service, local license agencies and professional boards.

The CEO of CareerLinkr reviews and signs off on all candidates before final submission to your human resource department for consideration. So why is this important? Our CEO has extensive training in talent acquisition and has incorporated elements from his time at a a fortune 500 healthcare organization and as a Director of Patient Care Services for a Pediatric Hospital in California. These positions were focus on finding great talent. Whether it was to run a CMS 5 star facility for fragile children or staff a brand new hospital from the ground up, it always required the right talent.

Getting hiring right is important! CarrerLinkr can help you focus you energies on the processes you do so well and reduce your international recruiting demands to what you are most accustomed to. Let CareerLinkr help you fill the seats at your orientations with the right mix of talent, patient focus and work ethic.

We can help you develop mindful relocation packages for international candidates if needed.

Send us your hiring needs or challenging opening positions. We will generally get back to you the very same day if not the following business day.