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    A Nursing Career in Home Healthcare Versus Nursing Homes

    After deciding to pursue LPN jobs or senior care jobs, the next thing that you need to decide is whether to work in an assisted living facility or to provide home healthcare services. For some people, making this decision is easy; for others, it's definitely not. By taking a practical look at a few basic

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    The Five Elements of Green Design

    Successful sustainable construction begins with a design that addresses each of the following five central elements of green building design.  Sustainable Site Design Water Conservation and Quality Energy and Environment Indoor Environmental Quality Conservation of Materials and Resources  To assure the integrity of the design and the eventual sustainable outcome, integration of green technology within

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    The Upside-Down World of Healthcare Staffing

    If you were able to go back in time twenty years and ask a recruiter what the number one field to find a job in would be in 2010, you would hear the words "health care". That's how long the health care industry has been sitting at the top of the charts for job opportunities.

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